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Product Authentication

Beware of fake MBT®'s online

MBT PatentedThere are unfortunately a number of companies offering MBT® s on unauthorized websites. We therefore strongly recommend you purchase MBT®s only through approved MBT® stores and dealers who are trained to ensure you can enjoy the unique experience when wearing our MBT® footwear.
List of authorized MBT® websites

MBT® ensures product authenticity!

What is it?

MBT®, the Swiss engineered and original Physiological Footwear brand, has adopted an advanced system of traceability that will effectively tackle the problem of counterfeit products and protect our brands’ patented technologies.
This innovative solution is developed in cooperation with Certilogo, based in Milan, Italy, which provides a user friendly system which allows our consumers to assess if a product is authentic or not, via a platform which collects specific data.
It is our desire to provide our consumer with confidence that they are purchasing an authentic MBT® Product. Certilogo helps ensures our consumer can reliably buy a real MBT® and enjoy the experience of our footwear knowing it’s an original.
The Certilogo process provides each indivdual pair of shoes with a unique identification code which allows consumers to verify the authenticity of the product as an original MBT®.

How does it work?

Simply find the Certilogo label and code in every MBT® left shoes or on the hangtag, and visit the link provided here to go directly to the authentication portal to confirm your MBT® shoes are authentic.
The objective of this service is to create an effective deterrent against counterfeiting, while helping to protect consumers from fakes off and online.
As part of MBT®’s quality philosophy the new service places the consumer at the centre of brand protection, and initiates a new channel of communication offering a platform which will develop direct dialogue with MBT® and its loyal consumers.
All approved MBT® stockists are trained to give a short introduction to ensure correct and effective use of the product.


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